COVID Safety

Dear Spookers,

As I’m sure you are awareby now, the current global situation has seen many film festivals have to either postpone, cancel or virtualise their festival as to ensure the safety of their guests and staff and financial viability of the festival. Following careful consideration and negotiation, we believe that under current guidance, we will be able to operate some iteration of a live event this November 13-15th. We are obviously doing everything we can to provide not only the best and most badass festival we can for you all, but also ensuring that your safety, health and comfort are held at highest priority... See this years iteration as an ultra-intimate, skeleton-crew exclusive [but legal] horror speakeasy.

Obviously,we will be working within government legality, local council regulations and the policies set in place by our venue, and these may be subject to change up to and including the dates of the festival. However, we as afestivalcan assureto promote social distancing, limit contact transfer, and increase cleaning; and therefore will be putting in place the following


1. Markedly reduced capacity, theoretically cut by 60%, will see us with only a maximum of 25 festival passes available, with no individual film passes on sale and reduced special guests per filmslot. Within the auditorium we endeavour to keep groups of peopleseated atleast1 metre apart, with sofas or close together pods of chairs available only to those that book tickets together.

2. To help prevent potential surface transfer, there will be allocated seating based on the above restrictions. Due to the setup of our auditorium and not being able to envisage whetherwecouldget 5 groups of 5 attendees vs 25 individual attendees, it is impossible for us to upload a seating plan to select from. Therefore seats will be allocated on a first comebasis at the beginning of the festival. We will still endeavour to cater for everyones needs as required.

3. We obviously ask that people do not attend should they show any signs of symptoms in the 2 weeks prior to the festival, and should attendees be visibly symptomatic you may be asked to leave the venue.

4. You will be required to wear a mask while in the venue, unless guidance changes to advise otherwise. You may remove your mask to eat or drink in the auditorium & masks are not required in either the hotel restaurant or the rooftop bar. Disposable masks will be available should you not have one.

5. Venue staff will also have increased PPE, specifically with the serving of food and drinks within the hotel. Both food and drinks will be able to be purchased in advance.

6. We will employ a staggered trafficking system for people entering the auditorium and exiting [one way directions being in place to navigate the stairwell], this is to prevent large groups forming in more narrow areas of the venue.will be able to be purchased in advance

7. The auditorium will be deep cleaned at the beginning of each day and during the longest break [around dinner time]; high-touch point surfaces [such as the bar, door handles, bannisters etc] will be cleaned after every screening. To enable this, breaks will be longer than in previous years and as such there maybe slightly less films/shorts/events per day.

8. Antibacterial gel and disinfectant wipes will be available on entry to the festival and every guest as part of their goodie bag will have a personal alcohol gel [please don’t try to drink it] for hand washing.

9. We have personally hired an air purifier system for the room that is equipped with a HERPA filter to help remove potential airborne viruses and bacteria. Though no air purifier can remove COVID 100%, it can act as another layer of protectionfor potential risks.

10. We will be employing a track and trace system; wherein should anyone display symptoms or become COVID positive in the 21 days following the event, all attendees will be notified of risk and recommended to get tested. As such all those attending the festival will have to provide up to date contact details [both phone and email] to enable this.

I anticipate that for some of you reading this won’t be enough to make you feel safe-which is totally okay, we’ve got some surprises up our sleeve that include you too. And hopefully we will get to see you in person once things are safer.
I also anticipate that for some this may seem like toomuch; but I can assure you that we will do everything we can to still make this the fun event you’ve come to expect from us.