Final Ghouls - Live
Live Event

A farewell salute to Ghouls Magazine

Since it's inception in 2020, Ghouls Magazine has stood as a vanguard of empowerment and nuance; bringing a female identifying and non-binary perspective to the horror genre in a collective of stunningly intelligent and entertaining individuals.

Over the last 4 years countless articles, essays, panels and podcasts have been held dissecting and discussing horror through a distinctly feminine perspective.

However all good things must end, and as such in April 2024, it was decided that Ghouls Magazine would take an indefinite hiatus... So join us as we celebrate the legacy of Ghouls Magazine in this bespokely programmed evening of panels:

  • Ghouls, Forever: An insight into the formation and legacy of Ghouls Magazine with it's creators Zoe Rose Smith. 

  • Girl Dinner: A round table discussion of the feminine cannibal in all its feral sensuality 

  • Ghouls Group Chat LIVE!:  A break neck and irreverent immersive Zoom experience into the ferocious but insightful nature of the Ghouls group chat. Expect: quick fire topics, hot takes, longful thirstings, frequent distractions and... cat pics.