UK Premiere

Screening with THIRST TRAP and SANGUINE


Dir: Thijs Bouman. Starring: Monk Dagelet, Jef Hellemans,Thorn de Vries. Netherlands (2023) 51mins

Death haunts Amsterdam's nightlife. A killer makes boys disappear without a trace. He is a monster against his will, dependent on the blood of his victims. When lonely Bram falls in love with this mysterious boy, a dangerous relationship unfolds. A love that only knows victims...

Screening with THIRST TRAP (European Premiere) 

Dir: Steve Flavin. Starring: James Scully, Chris Renfro. USA (2024) 7mins

Night after night, his routine is the same: cruise the apps, exchange pics, move in for the kill. He knows every trick, every angle, every subtlety that captures your attention. After all, he’s been doing this for two hundred years.

and SANGUINE (UK Premiere) 

Dir: Robin Careless. Starring: Victoria Sawal, Kayla Jo Farris, David Benjamin Tomlinson. USA (2023) 11mins.

A first date takes an unexpected turn as Mirabel finds herself captured and experimented on by shady figures who believe she isn't what she seems.