(European Premiere)



Dir: Paulo Leite. Starring: Celia Williams, Elizabeth Bochmann, Iris Cayatte. Portugal (2018) 90MIN

Move over James Wan, there's a new supernatural maestro in town. 

If ghosts can think and remember who they are, then the physical brain is not the only place where we store our inner selves.
Helen is asked to train two young women into the art of communicating with the dead. But Helen's days as a medium are long gone. In fact, she gave up that life 15 years ago when she lost her daughter. Today Helen is a different woman dedicated to her career in brain research. Things start to change though when a visit from the other side offers her the design of a device that can do amazing things. But to everything there is a risk.

We are delighted to receive director Paulo Leite to introduce this screening. 

Screening with POST MORTEM MARY

Dir:Joshua Long, Starring: Melanie Zanetti, Stella Charrington, Edie Vann. Australia 2017

Post mortem photography is no job for a child, but for Mary this job is her life.