(UK Premiere)

Screening with THE FOG VS THE MIST


Dir: Daniel de la Vega Starring: Osmar Núñez, Rodrigo Guirao Díaz, Luciano Cáceres. Argentina (2019) 77mins

Luis Peñafiel is a writer who has just finished a novel that poses the perfect crime. His story’s surprising resolution earns him the admiration of all his colleagues, but, when another writer is murdered following the same pattern of his story, Peñafiel will be charged with the crime. In his effort to prove his innocence, Peñafiel will discover that nothing is more misleading than a self-evident fact.

Daniel de la Vega channels both Bava and Agatha Christie in this devilishly clever and note perfect love-letter to giallo, noir and murder mysteries. Can you unravel the clues of will you too find yourself at a DEAD END.