Puppets Picnic Presents FINLEY
(UK Premiere)


(UK Premiere) 

Dir: J. Zachary Thurman Starring: Alexa Leigh Fletcher, Keith Dowsett, Brooke Wallace. USA (2019) 25mins

Just as you were starting to think dolls are mere child's play... Director J. Zachary Thurman is here to show Goosebumps' Slappy that there's a new puppet on the block, and his name is FINLEY. Devilishly clever, atmospheric and totally unique, FINLEY pulls off in under half an hour what many features can't. 

*Rather than alongside a feature, FINLEY will be playing standalone within the 50 minute lunch-break as part of our 'Puppets Picnic'; for those that don't wish to eat offsite, order a sandwich from the bar, watch this delightful short while its made and hope this meal isn't your last...