UK Premiere

Screening with TOAD BOY and SHELTER HALF

Sunday 26th November 18:30

FROGMAN (UK Premiere) 

Dir: Anthony Cousins. Starring: Chelsea Grant, Justen Jones, Arden Michalec. USA (2023) 77mins

During a family trip many years ago a young Dallas historically catches footage of a local legend: the Frogman. Now, 32, Dallas is a listless wannabe filmmaker who has been crashing at a friend’s house for far too long. After receiving endless ridicule online and claims that the footage is a hoax, Dallas convinces his best friend Scotty and his former best friend Amy to join him in going back to this town to get irrefutable proof of the Frogman. Will these three finally get the proof Dallas so desperately needs? Or will they croak before the credits roll?

A gooey found footage trip to the woods that combines the frights of LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK with the heart of DIGGING UP THE MARROW for an analogue arrest to the heart that finally answers the question on everyone's mind: does Frogman fuck? 

Screening with TOAD BOY (UK Premiere) 

Dir: Philip McLaughlin. Starring: Tamir Tucker, Cliff Chamberlain, Soren Williams. USA (2023) 11mins

When an amphibian-obsessed boy comes into possession of a book with ancient occult secrets, his concerned principal intervenes.



Dir: Matthew Barber. Starring: Nathaniel Barber. USA (2023) 2mins

A naturalist investigates the disappearance of a mother black bear while camping in a remote valley that may hold darker answers than he bargained for.


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