Screening with PARE + UPYR


Dir: Sean Nichols Lynch. Starring: Dennice Cisneros, Nico Bellamy, Laura Kennon. USA (2021) 80mins

Struggling vampire romance novelist Olivia Romo is spending her Christmas holidays alone at her deceased mother's cabin in Lake Tahoe. One night, an injured bat slams against her window. Olivia takes the wounded animal inside her garage to nurse it back to health. The next morning, Olivia is surprised to discover that the bat has transformed into a handsome vampire named Luke and soon Olivia finds herself tied in a toothy plot she could only dream of one of her novels featuring. 

Sexy, fun and filled with more blood than an undercooked Turkey, RED SNOW is a wintery romp that fits perfectly between True Blood, THE LOST BOYS and DIE HARD. Season's meatings. 

Screening with PARE (UK Premiere) 

Dir: Lauren Sick. Starring: Dana Drori, Josh Ruben. USA (2020) 9mins

A strange discovery leaves a woman haunted by her husband's absence one evening at her snowbound cabin. 

and UPYR (UK Premiere) 

Dir: Anatole Pigot.Starring:  Russia (2021) 13mins

A lonely vampire with a love for animals has a mid life crisis and decides to take it upon themselves to make a chance.