(UK Premiere)


APPS (UK Premiere)

Dir: Sandra Arriagada, Camilo León, Lucio A. Rojas, José Miguel Zúñiga, Samot Marquez. Chile, Argentina (2021) 90mins

An anthology of four short but terrifying tales of the macabre told with great style and pulpy, grisly thrills: A young woman in the hands of a sinister network dedicated to the online transmission of abuse for high spheres of power. A voyeur will discover that his neighbors are hiding dark secrets that he wishes he had never heard. A little boy, used by his father to find dates online, will discover an enormous power within himself. A group of friends on their way to a beautiful cabin will fall into the hands of a sinister occult group. 

Screening with TECH SAVVY (UK Premiere)

Dir: Scott Vasey. Starring: Lisa Walton, Kendra Pepe, Ashlyn Lopez. USA (2021) 8mins

When a single mom discovers her Photoshop tweaks impact the real world, excitement turns to terror after she makes a horrifying mistake in need of an “undo” button.


Dir: Laurence Essex. Starring: Harvey Quinn, Becks Rosen, Iona Campbell. UK (2021) 8mins

A weekend away turns bloody for a social media influencer and her friends after one of them reads passages from a satanic tome. Possession, hack job amputations, and demonic entities, it's all content as far as she's concerned.