UK Premiere


DANNI AND THE VAMPIRE (European Premiere)

Dir: Max Werkmeister. Starring: Alexandra Landau, Henry Kiely, Caron Clancey. USA (2020) 103mins

Even bloodsuckers need a little help from their friends every now and then; and in this romantic roadtrip movie across Americana two down on their luck strangers find friendship in the strangest of places: a trail of bodies. 

Danni, a madcap headstrong drifter, is lost in life and trying to reignite a special feeling from her past when she inadvertently stumbles upon Remy, an encaptured and starved vampire. While most people would run and hide or plunge a stake into his heart quicker than you can say Sarah Michelle Geller, Danni decides to take it upon herself to make this vamp's lifelong dream come true, start a vampire refuge free from Cryptid Hunters.

As heartwarming, dorky and charming - not to mention laugh out loud funny- as they come, and featuring one of the single best vampire feedings we've ever seen, DANNI AND THE VAMPIRE is a true gem. 

Screening with LIVIN' AFTER MIDNIGHT (UK Premiere)

Dir: Joe Mitchell. Starring: Margot Kistler, Dal Walton. USA (2020) 6mins

Some people just can't get anything right, even murder.