Special Event

Screening with a showcase of Lockdown Shorts

Lockdown 2020 Presents: HOSTWatch

You thought you were free from Zoom calls?! Think again! Join us for a very special evening where we will be playing host [rimshot] to the wonderful creators behind 2020's internet-breaking Lockdown-launched break-out film, HOST. 

We'll be hitting unmute on all the inside scoops and summoning a demonic director's commentary* that even Seylan would be proud of. Find out how writer Jed Shepherd penned everything so terrifyingly natural, learn how director Rob Savage pulled off *that* shot, and of course the question on everyones lips: are they #TeamGemma or #TeamEmma?

If you have a question you'd like to ask Rob or Jed, please be sure to send it to us. 

*This event will be a world first pre-recorded film commentary with the stars and creators of the film. It will not contain footage from HOST itself, and to watch the film simultaneously with the commentary as planned will require Shudder. 

This will be preceeded by a Short Film showcase of micro-terrors from around the globe, made entirely within Lockdown. 

A FUNNY WAY TO DIE                                      COURIERS

Dir: Matt Mitchell. UK. 4mins                        Dir: Rob Fee. USA. 6mins

          NIGHT FEED                                          NO HARD SHALLS TO CRACK?

Dir: William Allum. UK. 1mins                        Dir: Rich McAfee. UK. 3mins 

PHANTOM                                                  CURSED CONNECTION

Dir: Dmytro Golumbevs. Ukraine. 5mins        Dir: Jonathan Kobryn. USA. 2mins 

CAUGHT ON TAPE                                              THE DRAWING

Dir: Radi Nikolov. UK. 3mins                 Dir: Dominic Grose. UK. 6mins

STAGNANT                                                             INSECTICIDE

Dir: Ethan Evans. UK. 3min                  Dir: Bryan M. Ferguson. UK. 5mins