Special Preview

Screening with BEHIND THE DOOR + MATEO

THE RETURNED (Special Preview)

Dir: Laura Casabé. Starring: Lali González, María Soldi, Alberto Ajaka, Javier Drolas,  Argentina (2020) 92mins

Julia, the wife of a wealthy lord, lives near the Iguazu Falls deep in the jungle of Argentina. Fearing the indigenous people that both call the land their home, and work for the family, the lord builds a fence around their property to ward off the Guarani tribe, but Julia is still anxious about her son Manuel's safety. One day Manuel suddenly disappears and, when searching for him, Julia runs into her maid, Kerana who just might have the supernatural answer to the problems plaguing Julia. 

Drenched in both personal grief and the anguish of colonialisation, THE RETURNED is a fearsome and mythical exploration of death that once again establishes how South America is one of the most fertile markets in horror right now.

Screening with BEHIND THE DOOR (UK Premiere)

Dir: Andrés Borghi . Starring: Claudia Salas, Florencia Ansaldo. Argentina (2020) 9mins

A woman performs a strange ritual to speak with her death father, since she has to ask him one last favor. 

+ MATEO (UK Premiere) 

Dir: Fernando Perezgil. Starring: Waldo Facco, Luna Balvanera, Mexico (2019) 3mins

Mateo, an ex-employee of a self-service store has turned into a zombie. His conscience and memories remain intact, therefore, his life has become a deep thought about the meaning of life he would like to share; the only problem, Mateo is no longer able to share what he thinks.