FEMALE TROUBLE - 50th Anniversary with Nightmare On Fierce Street Podcast.
Live Podcast

As part of our Horror Kween strand, celebrate John Waters and Divine's half centennial controversy opus.

Nightmare On Fierce Street Live Podcast: FEMALE TROUBLE - 50th Anniversary

Made in the wake of the infamous cult favourite PINK FLAMINGOES, and pushing the subsequent limits of controversy, John Waters and Divine reunited for the grindhouse descent into crime and insanity of the obsession with fame that was FEMALE TROUBLE. 

How could we host a Horror Kweens strand without paying honour to the legend that was Harris Glenn Milstead, otherwise known as Divine: the original drag icon of the genre and Water's muse, the "Pope Of Trash"'s Mother Superior of Trash. 

Join our equally Kween'esque legends Sharai and Trent from the Nightmare on Fierce Street podcast to celebrate the 50th anniversary of FEMALE TROUBLE. 

A Nightmare on Fierce Street is an epic monstrous podcast about the fiercest topic, horror. Hosted by Trent and Sharai. They promise to bring the fierceness every episode; sometimes critical, often hysterical, always fierce. So join us on Fierce Street, and don't forget the caffeine pills!