International Premiere

Screening with SACRAMENT and IN YOUR HANDS

GANYMEDE (European Premiere) 

Dir: Colby Holt & Sam Probst. Starring: Jordan Doww, Pablo Castelblanco, Joe Chrest. USA (2024) 97mins. 

After a small-town wrestling star develops a crush on an openly gay classmate, he is stalked by a grotesque creature that invades his thoughts as he navigates his feelings and struggles to live up to his legacy-obsessed family.

Screening with SACRAMENT 

Dir: Jack A Hessler. Starring:  Abel Benitez, Carter Iverson. USA (2023) 8mins.

In the 1950s, two religious young men go on a camping trip together. As their forbidden love for each other begins to boil into reality, Belford battles with his inner truth and inner demons. 


Dir: Luigi Sibona. Starring: Darryl Foster, Frankie Wilson. United Kingdom (2023) 11mins

Late evening in a London barbershop, an awkward stranger becomes enamoured with a charming barber.