UK Premiere

Screening with GUSSY and DEMONS

SAINT DROGO (International Premiere) 

Dir: Michael J Ahern, Ryan Miller, Brandon Perras. Starring: Michael J Ahern, Brandon Perras, Wayne Gonsalves. USA (2023) 78mins

A disconnected couple take an impromptu trek to the gay mecca of Provincetown, Massachusetts during the offseason to rekindle their relationship. Caleb, one half of the couple, becomes worried about an ex who had been working in the town for the summer but seems to have gone missing. As nightmares plague Caleb, he becomes more steadfast in his search, but the more he persists, the closer he nears an unspeakable horror lurking in the town.

From the team behind cult fan favourite DEATH DROP GORGEOUS comes a different leviathan entirely, in this horny, ethereal, queer folk horror that lures you in with its rural beauty and then gnaws your throat out. 

Screening with: GUSSY (UK Premiere)

Dir: Chris Osborn. Starring: Cole Doman, Tyler Jai Knowles, Michael Patrick Nicholson. USA (2023) 20mins

As children, Miles and Rocky hunted a monster they thought they saw in the woods. Twenty years later, they're still searching.

and DEMONS (UK Premiere) 

Dir: Adesh Prasad. Starring: Sohum Shah, Mohammad Samad. India (2023) 14mins

A man shares a newly found 'cure' to help his friend get rid of what haunts him. The haunting does stop, but at a gruesome cost.