20 / 02 / 21
"Come Dine With Me"



18:00    AN IDEAL HOST

Dir: Robert Woods. Starring: Nadia Collins, Evan Williams, St. John Cowcher, Naomi Brockwell. Australia (2020) 80mins

Get ready for truly the most insane episode of Come Dine With Me you'll ever see as Robert Woods serves up his nuckin futs smorgasboard debut. Calamari might not be the only tentacles on the dinner table! 

Liz just wants to host the perfect dinner party but an unexpected guest sends the evening into chaos, with potentially apocalyptic consequences.Liz only wants to host a perfect dinner at her and her partner’s newly purchased rural retreat, culminating in a public proposal. But uninvited guests ruin the carefully planned evening, toppling the carefully built artifices of personality constructed around us. With the walls let down, something far more sinister sneaks in, and best frenemies have only one evening to work together to save humanity. 

Screening with HAND IN HAND (UK Premiere)

Dir: Ennio Ruschetti. Starring: Jürg Plüss, Jürg Bünzli. Switzerland (2020) 3mins

Two politicians shake hands. The Situation gets out of hand.

and FLICK (UK Premiere) 

Dir: Ariel Zengotita. Starring: Nate Pringle. Australia (2020) 10mins

A reclusive student is driven mad after picking a booger that he just can't flick away. 

20:30    THE LAST THANKSGIVING (UK Premiere)

Dir: Erick Lorinc. Starring: Samantha Ferrand, Linnea Quigley, Francisco D Gonzalez. USA (2020) 73mins

The lazy Susan is set and the table is waiting for you to join us for this retro tinged homespun slice of holiday stalk'n'slash, replete with Turkey Day Terror.  

Meet the Brimstons. They're a normal American family. They have normal jobs. Live normal lives. Except every November, they hunt down anybody who doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving. Lisa-Marie is a moody college dropout living at home with her annoying parents. Tasked with working on Thanksgiving, she and the other employees of the local greasy spoon are united in their shared misery over tending to an empty restaurant over the holiday. Unfortunately for the diner’s wait staff, an already shitty holiday is about to get worse thanks to the Brimston clan, who are seeking unwilling guests for their yearly ritual of harvesttime cannibalism and slaughter. 

Who will survive? And what will be left for DINNER? 

Screening with MEAT LOVERS (UK Premiere) 

Dir: Daniel A Stebbins. Starring: Edgar Eguia, Shana Goodman. USA (2020) 4mins

Surely nothing is better than surprise free pizza? Right?!


Dir: Joseph Graham. Starring: Jennifer Rogers, Lynn Miller Jr, Holiday Mahlow. USA (2020) 14mins

A particularly starchy killer intrudes on a family during their evening dinner.