UK Premiere

Screening with HYSTERIC and THE SOUND


Dir: Johannes Grenzfurthner. Starring: Ethan Haslam, Katharina Rose, Jason Scott Sadofsky. Austria (2021) 90mins

Frustrated by a constant buzzing in his ears, a paranoid data analyst documents his obsessive attempts to cure his own debilitating tinnitus through a series of home experiments conducted in a makeshift lab. However, as his research becomes increasingly dark and macabre, a horrifying secret behind his maddening condition is revealed -- with a potential cure more sinister than he could have ever imagined. 

It always delights us when we can say: you've never seen anything quite like this before. Combining genuine Lovecraftian terror, a chamber piece play and a scientific procedural into a harrowing spiral, MASKING THRESHOLD takes a macro lens to madness that will leave your ears ringing. 

Screening with THE SOUND (UK Premiere)

Dir: Jason-Christopher Mayer. Starring: Emree Franklin, Sabrina Stull. USA (2022) 7mins

Two years after a woman experiences sudden hearing loss, strange things begin to happen.


Dir: Rod Blackhurst. Starring: Amber Davila, Dolce Demce, Amaya Huneke. USA (2021) 10mins

A mysterious sound, a mother stricken with madness, and two daughters caught in a fight for survival.