London Premiere

Screening with MANTIS and STARFUCKERS

MEGALOMANIAC (London Premiere)

Dir: Karim Ouelhaj. Starring: Eline Schumacher, Wim Willaert, Benjamin Ramon. Belgium (2022) 100mins

1997, Mons, Belgium. The “Butcher”, one of Europe’s most notorious serial killers, strikes and abruptly vanishes. He leaves behind him no clues other than a trail of trash bags, bits and scraps of femme-flesh in ruin, sole testimony to his brutal killings. Born in blood and rage, his offspring, Martha and Felix, must carry on with their gruesome heritage. They take over his eternal wrath and, through a mileu of agony and revenge, fall into the realm of hereditary evil. 

Standing on the shoulders of the New French Extremity masters, MEGALOMANIAC is at once a nihilistic and confronting vision of nature and nurture inevitability, the blurry line between victim and villain, and the septic infection of patriarchal power. A film that doesnt just travel to the heart of darkness but takes a switchblade to ever artery and atrium on its way. 

CONTENT ADVISORY: This film contains graphic depictions of violence towards women and sexual assault that may be triggering to some individuals.

Screening with MANTIS 

Dir: Luigi Sibona. Starring: Ann Samuel, Adam Sanderson. UK (2022) 8mins

An uninvited meeting in a dusty London laundrette escalates from tone-deaf flirtations to something more sinister but when the knives are out, who is the prey and who is the victim becomes less clear.

and STARFUCKERS (UK Premiere) 

Dir: Antonio Marziale. Starring: Antonio Marziale, Cole Doman, Jonathan Slavin. USA (2022) 14mins

An intimate evening between a director and his escort turns sour when an uninvited guest appears.