Queer Fears Showcase


Queer cinema can these days so often be synonymous with "Yas-Queen" sassy celebration or wheres-the-hanky romantic weepies, so too do the keystones of queer horror often fall into the campy territories. But for a long time- thanks to the Hays code- cinematic queers were implicitly banned from the silver screen; pushed underground and their voices relegated to subtext. That is, those tangible issues that LGBTQ+ people faced could not be shown on screen. 

Now the Hays Code is long past, but the ramifications of this silencing can still be seen; and while our bill of films aim to celebrate and explore the full spectrum of queer horror, we thought these 4 short filmsin particular essential in shining a light on several issues oft not touched upon: conversion therapy (still legal in the UK), hookup culture, bi-erasure, chem sex trade, and lesbian-fetishising misogyny. I present, queer fears... 


Dir: Bears Rebecca Fonte. Starring: Sara Fletcher, Laura Hunter, Evelyn Jake. USA (2019) 20mins

A pansexual, polyamorous trio kidnap a bigoted conversion therapist and torture him until he sees the light.         

Sadly, LGBT Conversion Therapy is still prevalent and legal in the UK. Please consider signing this petition to help make the running of it and enforcing attendance to it a criminal offence     https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/300976


Dir: David Velduque. Starring: Alvaro Fontalba, Manuel Tejera. Spain (2018) 13mins

The bug bite that disrupts a Friday night hookup turns out to be a manifestation of something much scarier.             


Dir: Brock Cravy. Starring: Kamy D Bruder, Ian Michaels, Michael Vincent Berry. USA (2020) 14mins

On a dust-swept highway, a group of rag-tag hustlers, led by a loathsome Madam, preys on the desperados who have come for sex, drugs and Momma's special milk. A young black trans boy in the throws of withdraw, desperate for love and affection, is relentlessly bullied by his brother in trade, but things change when a ruthless Cowboy rides into town. 


Dir: BJ Colangelo, Starring: Venchise Glenn, Madison Woods. USA (2019) 7mins

In a clandestine meeting between two young, queer people; they navigate the occasionally awkward boundaries of a first date after meeting online. But some people don't take kindly to their presence.