"Hex The Patriarchy"
Live Panel Discussion

Celebrating 25 Years of THE CRAFT

We're calling the corners and summoning Manon to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the queer, female and otherness empowering cult classic THE CRAFT. Who's our fourth you ask? Well, none other than the eloquent and equally empowering collective that is Ghouls Magazine. 

Hosted by Zoë Rose Smith, and joined by an incredible group of speakers, join us in a Live Zoom Panel as we play Light as a Feather and discuss a seminal film that is so formative to so many people.

Ghouls Magazine (Ghouls Ghouls Ghouls) is an online magazine that showcases the very best in horror, written through the female perspective. We are badass babes that have something to say on the gory genre, slashing through the noise to provide insight, analysis and criticism on film, TV and more.