(UK Premiere)

Screening with BOTTOM and MONSTERDYKE


Dir: Jon Abrahams. Starring: Jordan Ver Hoeve, Hannah Rose May, Makenzie Vega. USA (2022) 81mins

From Jon Abrahams (who you're bound to know from SCARY MOVIE and HOUSE OF WAX) comes this kinky and conniving cyber thriller that will have everyone taping over their webcams. U(S)B scared.

As Brian checks into his dorm room, he discovers a thumb drive which includes files of a webcam model interacting with clients. But the last session ends in what may be a murder. He becomes obsessed with unraveling the story, but his quest becomes complicated when he falls in love with his roommate, who is already taken. The mysterious disappearance of the webcam model takes on a dangerous voyeuristic role when the love triangle finds their lives being manipulated and blackmailed. 

Screening with BOTTOM (World Premiere) 

Dir: William Lott. Starring: Josh Nadler, De' Tray Wade, Logan Daniel Johnson. USA (2022) 8mins 

Morgan prepares for a romantic evening with an online stranger, but when his date arrives, things begin to take a grotesque turn that will certainly leave his sheets soaked. 


Dir: Kaye Adelaide, Mariel Sharp. Starring: Kaye Adelaide, Colin Lloyd. Canada (2021) 4mins

A transgressive portrait of desire shot on 16mm, MONSTER DYKE examines trans-lesbian love and longing with humour, heat, puppetry and a subversive twist.