UK Premiere

Screening with DEAD END


Dir: Alice Maio Mackay. Starring: Lisa Fanto, Iris Mcerlean, Chris Asimos. Australia (2022) 71mins

Taking the slasher out of the hands of the Reaganite 80s mentality of punishment and violence and turning it into a powerful and resonant allegory for the struggles of the LGBTQ+ community, and all of those who are hated and outcast; visionary teenage director Alice Maio Mackay returns to Soho Horror Fest with her sophomore feature. 

One Halloween, blood was shed by the wearer of a parasitic mask cursed with black magic and bigotry. Sixteen years later, when Angel’s best friend is slaughtered by a killer with the same mask, they must overcome their personal struggles, fight their fear, and find the masked killer before he, or it, slaughters everyone they hold dear.

Screening with DEAD END (UK Premiere)

Dir: Dima Barch. Starring: Sviatoslav Rogozhan, Daniil Gazizullin. Russian Federation (2022) 16mins

Even after death, Nick’s abusive boyfriend Godfrey goes on pursuing him. But is it reality or a terrible nightmare awaken by murder?