UK Premiere

Screening with CHERRYWOOD

GIRL GONE BAD (UK Premiere) 

Dir: Kevin Schulz. Starring: Alison Thornton, Mya Lowe, Alex Zahara. USA (2022) 91mins

Alone, helpless, outmatched and out-weaponed; what's a damsel in distress to do? Fight like a girl. 

When 16-year old Samantha has the house to herself over the weekend, she plans a romantic night for her and her girlfriend. However, when an intruder makes his way into her home, it’s fight or flight on a night that will change her life.

Screening with CHERRYWOOD

Dir: Delfino Hernandez. Starring: Nick Sage Palmieri, Brock Madson. USA (2020) 17mins

A late-night break-in at a suburban Seattle home sparks a twisted power struggle between the trespasser and the home's lone occupant.