Synchronised Cycles: A Panel Discussion of the Queer Werewolf Feminine
Live Event

Hosted by Ghouls Magazine

Much is written about the sapphic nature of vampirism or the female re-empowerment of the slasher genre; but the werewolf genre could be looked at as an alpha mutt- be it not for a selection of films that are both ineffably queer but also inherently feminine. Ever the outcast, werewolves destabilize gender and eschew sexual binaries. Lycanthropic monstrosity is rooted in their disruption of the moral and social fabric of a normative society. 

We are delighted to welcome back the illuminary Ghouls Magazine for a live panel exploration of the werewolf feminine; taking the canines to a variety of films that remind us: bitches bite harder. 

I see a queer moon rising.