UK Premiere

Screening with CRAWL SPACE and LA LUZ


Dir: Joe Chien. Starring: Jen-Shuo Cheng, Aggie Hsieh, Herman Du Plessis. Taiwan (2020) 105mins

Skin crawling claustrophobia in this seaborn nightmare that will truly put Carnival Cruises out of business when it gets out.

During an attempt to rescue a tanker in a storm, a search and rescue crew witnesses a large shadow beneath the waves and is pulled into the sea. Years later, lone survivor Ajie boards a boat which becomes lost in a storm, and must work together with his fellow crewmates to survive against both the weather and an awoken aquatic arachnid.

Screening with LA LUZ 

Dir: Iago De Soto. Starring: Paula Gallego Pablo Vázquez Oti Manzano Spain (2022) 13mins

19th century. In a small coastal village, Olalla and her family prepare for the night of “The Truce”. There is only one rule: no lights should stay on tonight. Olalla, unlike her parents, does not believe in superstitions. And she doesn't think They are coming either…


Dir: Andrew Ellinas. Canada (2022) 7mins

While working alone in his shed, a man has to confront something horrible lurking in the crawl space.