Online Premiere

Screening with 7 MINUTES IN HELL and THE CAKE

THE JESSICA CABIN (International Premiere)

Dir: Daniel Montgomery. Starring: Chase Williamson, Daniel Montgomery, Riley Rose Critchlow. USA (2022) 72mins

Relationships can be tough when you’re queer, and swiping right is pretty tricky when you’re a bodiless spirit; so finding Mr Right when you’re a gay ghost is next to impossible! Luck may have it then for spectral romantic Jackson when he falls for recently heartbroken Nicky… the only problem is, Nicky is very much alive. Well, they do say opposites attract. From the team that brought you 2021 short POLTERGAYS, THE JESSICA CABIN is a hilarious and tender spookfest starring indie horror darling and Soho Horror Fest alumni Chase Williamson alongside an ensemble of characters you’re sure soon to fall in love with.  

Continuing the festival’s cornerstone of platforming LGBTQ+ voices within the horror genre, Daniel Montgomery’s heartbreak haunter THE JESSICA CABIN is a beautifully spectral take on existential ennui and the life deathlong want to be loved.

Screening with 7 MINUTES IN HELL

Dir: Justin Reager, Shane Spiegel. Starring: Samantha Cornier, Christian Weissmann, Paige Searcy. USA (2022) 10mins

A game of seven minutes in heaven turns deadly when two teens are attacked by a monster in the closet.