You Sick Fucks: A History of Vomit in Horror
Live Event

A Brad Hanson Live Presentation

YOU SICK FUCKS: A History Of Vomit in Horro. A Brad Hanson Presentation

Are you bile-curious, craving a cathartic expelling, or do you just wonder: when did I eat carrots? There's a specific type of scene that transcends genre. Regardless of whether you're watching a horror film, a comedy, or something more grounded, you never know when you're going to see a character puke. Vomit scenes in films range from the grotesque to the realistic and they're never easy to watch.

So join resident sicko Brad Hanson for a live barf-o-rama covering decades of oral offerings in what will surely be a racuous evening of gag reflex tests. It's academia, darling.